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My name is Suzan Leisering and I'm a artist from Hamburg, Germany, where I was born and live and work today.


After spending a year in the United States as an exchange student I finished high school in Germany and went on to study Illustration Design. I quickly realised that I was more at home in the fine arts, so I ended my studies to pursue a carreer as a painter. I have been painting, exhibiting and selling artwork ever since.

My Mission


Over the years I have also explored other paths such as working as a licenced practicioner for Reconnective Healing© or becoming a Feng Shui consultant. Presently I express my deep interest for life's energy solely through ink on canvas.


My paintings can be described as unconventional, elegant, unpredictable, tender and yet powerful. I am inspired by conciousness itself and draw ideas from a never ending source. My work is testimony to a soul who has discovered the value of imagination for herself.




My work can be seen in various exhibitions. I send out invitations to openings via the The Atelierpost

My SHOP is a great place for investing money! Is Art Important?


In the Atelierpost, my monthly newsletter, I let collectors and art lovers take a look backstage, share studio updates, show my work process and invite you to get to know me. Receive your personal invitation to the next exhibtion, learn about what inspired a painting, be the first to know about a new collection release and enjoy special offers I only send out to my readers.


Thank you for your interest in my work. I look forward to connecting with you!


Collecting Art

Footprints - Giving Back

Medium Ink

My Concept


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