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BLOG · 21. Juli 2019
Dear Atelierpost reader, I'm excited to present to you the first few prints of the "Nursery Collection" They are fluttering in the shape of a DIN A3 poster (29,7 x 42 cm / 11,7 x 16,5 in) and are available for € 39.- Further letters of the alphabet will follow in the next few weeks. Stay tuned: SHOP These dreamy butterflies would love to grace cozy nurseries and children's rooms. They have come to inspire and lend wings to young and old alike. Enjoy the collection!

BLOG · 01. Juni 2019
Happy June, everyone. It's ocean-hues-on skin-time! I just got back from Greece and could not feel more recharged after swimming in these beautiful colors. They gave me life and I gave myself to them. Now I'm looking forward to diving right back into ink! Wishing you a wonderful start into the summer season. Love, Suzan

Muttertag, Baby, Kinderzimmer, Beatrix Potter, Peter Hase, Peter Rabbit, Steiff, Baby party, baby shower gift
BLOG · 12. Mai 2019
I'm excited to be able to tell you - today on Mother's Day - that I'm going to be a mom myself! Thankfully I completely skipped the winter nausea, am currenty feeling all the spring kicks, slowly moving into the summer bump and having a baby boy in the fall. Maybe a little pumpkin? Today on Mother's Day I am celebrating with my mom at the antique and flea market, one of our most favorite things to do, and enjoying the sunshine. I am wishing all the mother, sons and daughters a lovely, happy day!

große Liebe, Liebespaar, Monogramm, Buchstaben, Kunst, Schmetterling, Kinderzimmer, Blautöne, Türkis, Paar, Liebe
BLOG · 12. Mai 2019
The "Nursery Collection" is complete! This project took a long time making and now is ready to hatch and flutter into the SHOP Lots of dreamy butterflies with bodies made up of monograms would love to grace cozy nurseries and children's rooms. They were created with the intention to mix up the sea of big box store decor and initial art. They will be available as prints in the size of DIN A3, greeting cards and smaller posters. Butterflies - colorful masters of metamorphosis - are known to...

BLOG · 21. April 2019
These colors dominate my palette at the moment: Teal, delicate greens, deep forrest hues and the ocean's nuances are flowing into the "Nursery Collection" as if there are no other colors in the world. Did you know that birds and bees see more colors than we do? The human eye can only be aware of the rainbow but bees for example see ultra violet light. They cannot see reds though, they perceive it as black. I would love to get a bee's sight for a day and fly around the gardens and marvel at all...

BLOG · 24. März 2019
Hello, art friends. How are you? I hope you're having a relaxing Sunday - or rather an exciting one? - full of lovely Sunday romance, whatever kind you desire. This morning I went to the park for a spin on the bicycle and for a long walk. It was marvelous! Slowly but surely spring is coming back and with it my energy levels are picking up again. Nature is reinventing itself and art projects are gainting momentum. Do you feel the same? Until the butterflies are coming out to play I will be...

BLOG · 17. Februar 2019
Hi, art friends. This february the Atelierpost turns 2! I'm so proud :-) Have you been following along since the start or maybe you joined only recently? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued interest in my work. I am so happy I get to share my art with you! (check out this 'little thank' you here) The format of this newsletter will stay the same (please send me your ideas and suggestions here, if you have any) but it won't necessarily be the first Sunday of the month but...
BLOG · 17. Februar 2019
Today I'd like to show you my very first postcard and gift tag in the SHOP I started out with this very popular painting, Bull Skull (Bull Skull Series), for the postcard and a detail shot of "Bull of the Glaciers" for the gift tag - the perfect addition to a beautifully wrapped present or a wonderful bouquet of flowers (I designed the card without a hanger on purpose so the recipient may decorate his or her desk with the lovely greeting) "Bull Skull" postcards (set of 5) €12,90 "Bull of the...

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Postkarten-Set "Urbulle" €12,90