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BLOG · 09. September 2018
Here are a few impressions of the opening to the exhibition Remix & Fusion, Friday Sept 7th It was a fun evening and I would like to thank all my wonderful guests for coming!

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BLOG · 01. April 2018
The painting, "Heart of a Butterfly", is an expression of my longing for yellow and light as I have described in the last Atelierpost. It is the second piece in the "Wings"-Series and would love to fly home to you. Buy Now

bull, horn, bovine, skull, ink, painting, artwork, art for sale, art studio, skull art, skull painting, glaciers, ice, teal, melting ice, contemporary art, art collection, buy art, art commission, hamburg germany, fine art, arte, bull lake glacier
BLOG · 01. April 2018
"Bull of the Glaciers", is a new painting in the Bull Series. The idea came to me while at the Elbphilharmonie, where I work in the foyer. I was working the champagne-bar, waiting for guest but no one came so I had plenty of time to think about a new painting. Equipped with a ball pen and napkins I was sketching out ideas. It was winter and I had been intensively thinking about glaciers and the tender beauty of melting ice. I had also seen glacier-watercolor-works by Olafur Eliasson, which I...

BLOG · 01. April 2018

BLOG · 04. März 2018
There came a moment this winter when I was longing for yellow. I was fine with any shade of this light and ease bringing color: absinthe yellow, Veronese yellow, pale yellow, Indian yellow, vanilla yellow, Goya yellow, Neapolitan yellow, or saffron, king of spices. Reading the labels alone refreshed and put me in a happy mood. But yellow is also contrary to positivity. It is the sun, enlightenment, golden, bright, friendly and at the same time it stands for envy (next to green), greed, and...

BLOG · 04. Februar 2018
It's February and my January to-do list is still lying around. Last month wasn't providing the ease and quite I was hoping for. I continously felt distractions pulling me away and forcing the peace didn't really do the job either. So I reminded myself that the journey is the reward and the journey is joy. Because when we dwell in a state of joy we drop all resistance and on a path of least resistance we tend to manifest our goals and dreams more easily. It's the same path as creating a...
BLOG · 04. Februar 2018
1. When do you feel most free? When I’m painting, on my bicycle, when I’m digging in the dirt and planting on my balcony 2. As a child I enjoyed ... most playing outside, spending all day at the horse stables, playing piano and reading books 3. Favorite color? I worship them all but turquoise keeps claiming a greater priority for itself 4. Favorite artist? currently: - Heiko Müller - Alexandra Levasseur - Jules de Balincourt 5. Fun Fact? I am a great cook! Tell me 5 x about you in the...
BLOG · 07. Januar 2018
Wishing you a happy new year! I hope you entered the new year with a bang and are enjoying the first few days of 2018. I have been really looking forward to this new year and could do with some piece and quiet. My resolution: Push-ups! (I can do 3 so far) May we all blossom like the most beautiful petal in the world. To a fulfilled, healthy, joyous new year ahead. All the best to you! Love and new beginnings, Suzan

BLOG · 21. Dezember 2017
Dear Art Collectors! Today on December 21st is my brithday and I would like to take this day to say THANK YOU for your interest in my work and for following me by offering you 6 paintings for 21% less. PLUS: No shipping within Germany! (international shipping fees apply) This offer is live now all day until midnight If you are interested in one of these gems, please let me know: Email me Call me +49 (0) 179 / 95 23 630 or Contact me here. I look forward to it! All...

BLOG · 01. Oktober 2017
Art lovers, investors, decorators, prestige-hunters. I welcome them all! People collect art for various reasons. The first category, the art lover, buys art for the simple reason that he loves it. He or she loves the particular piece of art so much, he needs to have and live with it. The artwork speaks to him in a special way and he wants to be surrounded by that feeling every day. Very likeable, great conversation! Number 2, the investor, pays more attention to the value of the artwork and the...

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