Collecting art

Art lovers, investors, decorators, prestige-hunters. I welcome them all!


People collect art for various reasons.


The first category, the art lover, buys art for the simple reason that he loves it. He or she loves the particular piece of art so much, he needs to have and live with it. The artwork speaks to him in a special way and he wants to be surrounded by that feeling every day. Very likeable, great conversation!


Number 2, the investor, pays more attention to the value of the artwork and the artist. They share the opinion that art is the best investment and that art offers more security, and higher accretion than cash, bonds and other capital investment.

Also very likeable. I like my artwork being seen in context with value and accretion.


The number three, the decorator first measures the wall and then buys art accordingly. The art piece has to suit the decor and vice versa. "Could you adjust the painting to the interior of my living room?" "Sure, if I like your living room!?"

Also very likeable. I can communicate my limits and I see it as a great honor if the house fits my painting. By the way, I accept commissions! Size and primary colors of the painting can be discussed. Inquiry


At an opening I was once told by a visitor that she really liked my work but that every corner of her house is already fully designed. I thought "get rid of everything and hang my painting" but I would have given her a fright.


Another time a painting got destroyed in shipping so I had to take it back. The agent suggested I should sit down and paint it again "chop chop!". When I told her that I couldn't do that, that I couldn't copy myself like that she flippantly asked me if I don't want to make any money. The buyer was shocked and very much understood that a copy of the painting would never be the same as the original.


The prestige-hunter buys for status reasons only. He or she is also welcomed. If my painting makes him or her feel bigger and and better, then why not? He most certainly inhabits a stately home which will house my painting just perfectly. He probably likes to entertain so lots of people will get to see my artwork and that's what it's all about.


The art lover is obviously my favorite collector but I welcome them all and delight in meeting every type. I sell directly to collectors so I am free in determining the fate of my paintings.


Would you like to start your art collection? Don't listen to trends and advice but instead listen to your gut. Rely on what makes your heart sing:


Which painting do your resonate with and for what reason? What effect does it have on you? How does it make you feel? Would you like to enjoy it every day?


Choosing an artwork for your own home is a personal matter. Decide as you may see fit. Who knows? Maybe you have a real knack for discovering new talent!

Share with art lovers!

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