Ink Goes On A Trip




Summer is on its way and with it comes the desire to spend more time outdoors.

The drawing ink also wanted to get outside for a change, out of the studio and into the fresh air. And so, she went onto a trip into the blue, letting her pigment lead the way.

The paint brushes in the studio had told her of a dreamy bay, where apparently one could splash around wonderfully.




So she packed her bags and started out in the direction of the bay.

She was excited to take a bath in the cool, clear water, which probably would be much more refreshing than the murky waters her mistress always splashed about.
She didnt need a bikini, the ink always goes swimming in the nude. 

So, she took the highway A7 towards Inklake and enjoyed the lovely scenery along the way. There was a slight overcast, which was promising to clear up though.






Her trip lead her over a delightful bridge, where five glorious cottonwood trees lined the riverside.





She also came by a wonderfully fragant field of blooming poppies. It's splendor knocked her flat and so she decided to take a rest here and take in this eye-candy-like beauty.





Her journey went on and she was smitten with amazement when she suddenly saw what appeared to be a glacial lake. A glacial lake in the middle of the country? In the middle of the summer? Well, this was no ordinary glacial lake. This was an ice-cream lake that only looked like a glacial lake. Anybody who wished was allowed to help himself to the ice-cream. So the ink helped herself to a few scoops. She couldn't figure out what kind of ice-cream it was but that was irrelevant. It was delicious!








On the way to the bay she also passed by a small lake that was flanked by a group of four smaller lakes. She had faith in the paint brushes though and so she waited to go swimming until she would reach the bay.




When she finally reached the bay it was as if there was a switch being flipped inside her. Seeing the beautiful blue of the water all the stress of the art studio simply fell off her and she sent a silent thank you to the paint brushes for their great tip. She would definately return the favor!

Being one with everything she fueled up on life-energy and stayed in the water until her pigment started to shrivel. She began reflecting on her life purpose as ink because no vacation is complete without a little bit of pondering life itself as such.

She felt reminded of her mission helping her mistress paint good paintings and looked forward to returning to the studio refreshed. She really had a great boss. One who often wasted way too much ink but one who knew what she was doing regarding the larger picture. So, on her way back she desiced she would vacation more often. Her mistress could simply use acrylics for when she was away.

The ink's break came to an end - until next time.

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