What would we be without Henri Matisse?

Exhibition tip

What would we be without Henri Matisse? When he says "Painting is not coloring shapes but shaping colors" I want to sing, dance, laugh and a few other things.

The impressive colorist Matisse set color as the foundation of his work and as the center of composition.

"The paintings of the Impressionists built with pure colors proved to the next generation that these colors, which can be used to describe phenomena of nature, independently of these phenomena, have in themselves the power to address the feelings of the viewer. In fact, the stronger they are, simple colors can affect the feelings more so, for example, blue, increased by its complementary color, acts upon the feelings as an energetic gong, and the same also applies to yellow and red. Artists must be able to make them sound as they need them to be."
- Henri Matisse

In this context, I would like to bring an exhibtion in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to your attention:

Matisse and Diebenkorn

This exhibit must be breathtaking and I hope it will come to Germany at some point. I'm sure it'll be worth keeping one's eyes peeled for the show's catalogue.


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