Worth knowing

RED - Did you know that red is the oldest colour there is, being the first one receiving a name?

Bugattired, cadmium, purpurin, poppy-red, embersred, carmine, salmon pink, mahagony, roman-violett, or scarlet - they all look as superb as they sound.

The Spanish word for coulourful is identical with the word for red: colorado.

Red and also black are two of the oldest artist's colours there are, being documented in Sumer about 4000 years ago. The sumerians used a type of red pigment created out of red lead. Around the time of antiquity vermilion, made of quicksilver and sulphur, replaced the red pigment. Vermilion is still being used today.

Being the colour of love and of hatred, symbolic colour of the aristocracy and of communism, the colour of warriors, judges, blood, fire, and correction - red is the colour of all passion.

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